Available as Boilies, glugs, mists, pop-ups, wafters, paste and more

Each flavour has been carefully selected and tested to ensure you are getting a quality product every time giving you the best chance of getting those fish on the bank!

Select the flavour you want and then use the 'Select product' drop down menu.

Improve your catch rate with quality baits, rolled to perfection!

Let’s face it, we all want to save money but as carp anglers, we don’t want this to mean we have to sacrifice quality.

By using only the finest ingredients and, our range gives you the best of both worlds….

A superior quality bait at a realistic price.

Our range of flavours have been chosen based on results from testing on lakes throughout the UK and beyond and have accounted for a lot very big fish so you can be confident in their ability to put fish on the bank.

Each flavour has a full compliment of products from boilies to mists so you can take full advantage of their catching power whatever your situation and preferred style of fishing.

Should you have any queries regarding any of the baits or perhaps require a custom flavour, then please just get in touch