Team application

If you fish regularly throughout the year, have a decent track record of catches and an online presence then there may be an opportunity for you to join our team.

Becoming a member of the Fish It Baits team, we have a join up fee of £30 but this entitles you to discounted bait (initially 22% with potential for bigger discounts in the future, also a loyalty scheme has been introduced for the start of 2024, you can collect stamps and claim bait bundles worth £30 throughout the year,) in return for you regularly using and promoting our baits on both your own and our social media profiles whether that's with sharing our content, your catch reports or live streaming. 


  • Social media will play a major part in our plans so any applicant must have, or be willing to set up and use a Facebook, Instagram and TikTok account ideally specifically for their fishing content. Any 'inappropriate' content on any profile will result in a failed application as will content that is not at least predominantly angling related
  • If we cannot easily find you on social media it’s usually because you have your privacy settings too high or you have given us the wrong details, we won’t spend ages looking for someone so make sure you give us the correct information and your content is public
  • We are not actively recruiting junior team members under 18 
  • Your photos and videos must be of a good quality, showing good handling and excellent fish care. Content with even questionable fish care will see your application refused 
  • As they already know our products, our existing customers are given priority so if you don’t already have some of our products we do suggest getting some.
  • Fish care is an absolute priority so if you don’t own a decent size net and proper unhooking mat/ cradle, please don’t apply.
  • Please don’t tell us you fish 4 nights a week if you don’t, it’s not always bank time that make you a successful applicant!
  • While you can be affiliated with tackle companies, we will not accept applicants who are already on another bait companies team

Contact form

Tell us a bit about your fishing experience, where you fish, your PBs, how often you get out on the bank and anything else you may think relevant

Tell us about your social media presence e.g. do you live stream on any platforms? How often do you post on your platforms and any other info you think may be relevant