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Frankfurter & Lamprey

Frankfurter & Lamprey

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 This two tone boilie produced and hand rolled by fish it baits is one of a kind, the frankfurter and lamprey that has been tried and tested by are members are still using it day in and day out, it's always in the bait bag as a bait if times are hard whatever the time of the year. and with the impressive catch rate  of sturgeon up to 123lb its not one to miss.  

 The frankfurter and lamprey is made in two half's, with a meat meal base mix for the lamprey and a milk protein base mix for the frankfurter, with the two flavours of base mix mixed together as a marble effect it works really well and effectively.

 This bait is also not one to miss out on the rivers due to the meat base mix, this would surly make a grate boilie for Carp or Barbel.

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