About us

We are a family business based in Leicester formed back in 2013 when Chris Holness and a friend, Dean Whymant, started making their own baits as the cost of boilies was spiraling out of control and they saw this as a way to keep the cost down. In October 2013 Neil, an old friend and local tackle shop owner, asked Chris if he was still making bait due to his frequent visits to pick up ingredients. Chris told him he was so Neil offered him the chance of putting some stock onto his shelves starting out with small 200ml pots.

That's where the buzz for making bait really kicked in and slowly over the following months more and more equipment was bought in to make the job easier and a workshop was put together for the purpose of production and packaging. Unfortunately, due to work commitments, Dean had to pull out of the venture but Chris's wife Debbie rolled up her sleeves and got stuck in and is now an integral part of the business.

At one point there were over 40 flavours available, but this to Chris seemed to flood the market so he reduced it to the varieties you see here today. However, if there is a specific flavour you would like made then please discuss this with Chris as he is more than willing to make it if possible, there are also from time to time limited runs of a new flavour to test the market and these may well get added to the range if they prove successful.

Chris has a team of product testers around the country that test established and new flavours regularly, reporting back how their sessions went. They are also a major driving force behind suggesting new products and flavours and they have access to these to test over a period of time before Chris decides to add them to the range.